Truly's: A "Truly" Great Deodorant and Giveaway

In recent times we all have become very familiar with coconut in one shape or form. I know for myself I use coconut in it's virgin state or fractionated on a daily basis for many other beauty related reasons, but if you were to tell me that it would also be the main ingredient in my deodorant these days I would probably scratch my head as to how it would work.

Until now..............

As i researched on deodorants and the many scares that they cause these days I wondered how in comparison with a coconut based deodorant could they be as effective as a anti-perspirant but without the harmful chemicals that are claimed to endanger our health as women? Well here is what I found out so far about regular deodorants and anti-perspirants:

From Web MD: "Most antiperspirant worries center on the active ingredient -- an aluminum-based compound that temporarily plugs the sweat ducts and prevents you from perspiring.
Typically, antiperspirants are coupled with a deodorant, which contains the pleasant scent that stops you from stinking. They may also contain a number of inactive ingredients."
It goes on to explain that many studies that were conducted were flawed, and even though a few detected chemicals from anti-perspirants in breast tissue, it was not proven that they had anything to do with the risk of breast cancer and that there was no evidence that it was even a leading causing factor. Although there are no published reports of this it still remains a concern and therefore newer and more natural "alternatives" are turning up. The main ingredient is surprisingly COCONUT The main reason is coconut  kills bacteria, fungi and yeast and because there is no aluminum it will not clog your pores or cause any funky odor throughout the day and trust me in testing this product for as long as I have I made sure I was active.

Why Truly's? For one Trulys is all natural and only contains food safe ingredients, a great choice for kids and people with sensitive skin. Trulys is paraben-free, aluminum free, and fragrance free (with the exception of smelling like a yummy creamsicle or coconut cream pie). The best part is Trulys will not irritate your skin after shaving which is something that happens to me often after I shave, I will notice little red bumps and the skin becomes so irritated putting anything on at that point just makes it worse. I have not found that with this deodorant at all.

The Bottom Line: Trulys is just a great product, I have them in both flavors regular (sent to me for review) and another I acquired in a swap in Creamsicle and I can tell you I have not wanted to go back to a regular deodorant since.

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