Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kimble Beauty Shine Serum and Elastics Review

I was sent these products to review through BrandBacker.

KIMBLEBEAUTY is a line created true to the concept of beautiful style and healthy hair. With its performance-tested formulas and quality ingredients, hair has the freedom to be styled without hesitation. While the diverse and versatile products can help achieve any desired look, the also treat and nourish the hair. Simply put, Kimble Beauty™ delivers great-looking uncompromised hair

Brazilian Nut and Acai Berry shine serum said to nourish your hair as well as give it silky shine does just that! I used a tiny amount after showering and massaged it into my roots, ends and the rest of my hair. I went about blow drying and styling and found it to be smoother and much more manageable then I used another tiny amount to seal in that shine, it lasted all day and I loved the smell.

Also accompanied with this serum were the Silk Infused non-metal elastics and I must say this was my favorite product from Kimble Beauty!! I am an avid pony-tail wearer and I use many an elastic and most of the time they wear and break or do not support my hair without somehow pulling it slightly when I release the pony-tail. These however, did NOT do that at all and I found I only had to wrap them twice around my hair to get a secure hold of my pony-tail. My hair stayed in place and I did not incur any weird bumps when I pulled the elastic out!! This retail for $12.00 (you get 6 in a package) on their website and are worth every penny!!

All in all I really enjoyed both products and would recommend them to anyone who wants silky, shiny hair and a great sleek pony-tail THANK YOU KIMBLE BEAUTY!!

If you would like to purchase any of these items please visit them here:KIMBLE BEAUTY to get a 10% discount off your order.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Review: BA STAR Cosmetics Tropical Eye Shadow Palette

BA Star Cosmetics Tropical Eye Shadow Palette and Glue Shadow Base:

BA Star was gracious enough to allow me to review this eye shadow palette for you
through BrandBacker, All opinions are truly my own based on how I used them.

Summertime is officially upon us and so marks the time for bright days, fun colors and showing off your tropical look. All that is possible with this palette!

Check out my full review in my video complete with swatches!!

In these pics I used the Turquiose, White, Lime and Silver all colors are so pigmented
and easily blendable.I love all the colors equally but this was my favorite look that I came up with, This came with the glue as well and promises to stay on all day I did not use it for this tutorial.
BA STAR is the # 1 Selling Makeup for Cheerleaders & Dancers. And, Now You can share their Secret with BA STAR affordable High Pigment Eye Shadow Palettes and Glue Shadow Base. Look Great On Stage or Off! Its Your Show!

If your interested in getting one of your own GO HERE: BA STAR COSMETICS use the code: 50Tropic to get 50% off of your purchase.. Want to WIN one?? check out my video above and enter!! HURRY CODE IS ONLY GOOD TILL THE 4th!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

SampleSwapShop Summer Sample Mystery Box Giveaway!!

Welcome to another SampleSwapShop Giveaway!!

What IS the Sample Swap Shop?

 Sample Swap Shop is a Facebook page that allows those who love samples and full size products a chance to swap out with others who also are looking to get rid of samples they currently have (unused of course) and would like to trade for something they really want!

How do I swap?? What do I need to do??

This is not hard to do at all, just gather your samples and full size products (unused or if swatched please let us know) and take a clear picture that you can upload to the page that way everyone has a chance to see what you are offering and if they are interested they will comment underneath the picture and will also offer their swap items in the same way. Please also indicate what you are looking for after you post your picture so others have a general idea of what they can post in return

IS There something I can reference in case I forget??

Watch My Tutorial on all the Do's and Don't of SSS!!

Now for the GIVEAWAY!!!

I will be giving away a MYSTERY Sample box of products that are essential for Summer!! (box can also include some full-size/deluxe samples).

I will be running this giveaway till JUNE 19th.

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Review:BA Star Cosmetics Eye Shadow Palette

Score another product through Brandbacker that i was sent to review!

This time it is for the BA Star Cosmetics Natural Eye Shadow Palette!

Pictured here is the Natural Palette created by BA Star Cosmetics

Watch my Video for a full review! FULL REVIEW AND TUTORIAL 

This palette surprised me with how pigmented it was and the colors are so vibrant and interchangeable. You can wear them paired with matte shades or totally on their own.

Shadows were smooth and buttery with a flawless application.

All of BA Star Cosmetics are very affordable and terribly underrated! Just because the pricing is low does not mean the quality is bad by any means just watch my recent review and tutorial (link above).

These are not on the market yet.... ( I know) but will be available in 2 looks Natural and Smoky and will retail for about $8.95!! ( I mistakenly quoted $2.95 in my video).

Even that is a great value and you are getting a wonderful product

DISCLAIMER: This did come with it's own primer but I used the Benefit Stay Don't Stray primer in my video(can be used with any or none!)

Thank you to BrandBacker for sending me this to review!!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Blogger Review: Purex No-Sort Detergent

I received this wonderful product via Purex Insiders for Bloggers like me who love to try new products and review them to let my wonderful subscribers know what I think>> SO WHAT DID I THINK? At first I was skeptical about the claim.. Using a detergent that allows you to wash both colors and whites without having to seperate them and no bleeding?? How is that possible? Purex has designed this with a Anti-color transfer technology so your clothes are protected from any bleeding or fading into each other. The proof is in the usage. I brought this with me to a public laundromat where there are all sorts of residue and matter from all other clothes being washed and detergents being used so this was the ultimate test and low and behold Purex No-sort did the trick!!! The smell is incredible and lasted very long (I washed a very heavy blanket in this and its been over 8 days and still smells as fresh as it did the day I washed it!! My clothese (whites and lights included) all came out exceptionally clean and not a trace of color (had all my daughters bright colors in there as well) and not a shred of bleeding. I would definitely recommend this product and I have since continued to use it!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Review:Studio Gear CC cream

Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream this unique formula claims to fight aging, cover blemishes, retain moisture all without a greasy feeling or film.

I received this cream through BrandBacker for review. I chose the color natural pictured above.

Upon applying it to my skin I noticed it had sort of a grey tint to it but that faded as I blended it in my skin, I did notice some slight coverage but honestly not enough for my liking as I am prone to acne and I need more of a medium coverage to cover any blemishes I may have this unfortunately did not do that, however it did work very well as a primer/makeup base and did seem to blur out any discoloration and uneven skin tone. It blends nicely with foundation if you want more of a heavy coverage but on it's own I would recommend this to be a light BB cream finish. 

It also does give amazing hydration if you have dry skin or combination skin.

Studio Gear:Studio Gear Cosmetics is a prestigous cosmetics brand featuring a full collection of professional makeup brushes, revolutionalizing complexion formulas, and a wide selection of color products for the eyes, cheeks, and lips. This is a line created true to the concept that every woman deserves professional, high quality cosmetics at a reasonable price.

Studio Gear is also offering a 10% discount on their website just use the code:bloggercc GO HERE
All opinions expressed here are my own I was not paid for this review only sent free sample.

Monday, January 27, 2014

CholyFlower's Budling Bag Giveaway 2014

Hey everyone 
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