Holiday Guide Ideas:Spend more time with your family? Doing What??

During the Holidays we all get together for warm gatherings and Holiday cheer but when the eating and gift giving is over we all have to take some time and spend it with our loved ones. Preferably without electronics or 4 hour Football game marathons.

Spend More Time With Your Family!!
Doing what you might ask?

Hey, it doesn't have to be that bad. Spending time with your family can be fun, especially if you have the right game to shake things up, get people laughing and enjoying themselves - and not talking about Grandpa's foot fungus! The Haywire Group has just the games for you, this award-winning game company has a great collection of fun family games ( including DICEcapades! 2nd Edition ( and Bodydoodles The Tatoo Guessing Game (

UPDATE: I passed this onto my daughter for Christmas and she was so excited!! We will have many nights of jogging our brains and having a great time together this is what game nights should be!!

DICECAPADES: An awesome trivia game with a mixture of dice games, physical challenges, artistic creations and more to get your brain going and your family moving. This game will provide hours of fun with your friends and family!!

BodyDoodles: Got kids who like to draw everywhere?? Especially on themselves? Well this game is for them.
Players race to guess what tattoos are and earn points by guessing what the drawing is. Markers are washable and the kids get to indulge in one of their favorite pastimes doodling and creating fun with friends!

Wanna know more? for more exciting games from the Haywire Group visit HAYWIRE GROUP and use the code:  FREESHIPPING50

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