Exposed: 60 Days to Clearer Skin/ Halfway Point

You know when you get to a certain age you feel like you should stop breaking out?? Yeah, me too.

I'm 44 and guess what?? It's still happening on occasion. 

But let's rewind about 20 yrs (oh if only), Well humor me for a bit......

 I'm  24 and visually all the daily stresses of life walk right across your face and that is when you try everything under the sun to get rid of pimples. Aside from the obvious lines that promise to do it all and end up exacerbating the problem i.e. Clearasil (cleared any trace of it looking like normal skin) Clean and Clear (I was not really "clear" on what it was cleaning but it smelled nice) Oxy (short for oxidizing your face). and countless others I tried and would just be a temporary solution to a permanent problem.

Oh, and how about the "quick" fixes???

"Dab a little toothpaste on your blemish, and it will clear it up"
The only thing that ever accomplished was making my face minty smelling and burning the outer layer of the skin where the blemish was but it was not taking care of it as the process worsened.  Flash now to my 30's and Proactiv came into the picture and it was good for a while but like anything else, my skin became immune to it and i wasn't so sure those granular cleansers were the answer either. (Haven't they always told you not to use scrubs when you had breakouts that it would only spread the problem??) It has been a lifetime and ever so frustrating to find that one system that will not only help clear up my blemishes and acne but take care of the skin underneath and prevent more from showing up or at least less frequently.

My answer, finally showed up in the form of a new system by a company called 
Exposed Skin Care. I found through Brandbacker. I was excited when i read the overview and saw this was a system that promised not only to target all four causes of acne by unclogging pores. killing acne bacteria, reducing redness and prevent those scars from marking up your face well I was sold on the idea.

 Developed by a collaborative effort of dermatologists, cosmetologists, naturopaths, and chemists, Exposed Skin Care is the only product line of its kind. This combination of skin care professionals working together for the first time resulted in a unique and revolutionary skin care approach that not only treats the acne, but also proactively prevents new acne from forming. With the synergy of clinical strength actives and calming spa quality natural ingredients, Exposed combines the acne eliminating strength of Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid, with the soothing properties of Green Tea, Licorice Root, and Passion Flower.

I gave this system a try for a little shy of 4 weeks now and I cannot believe the results from it. First you get a cleanser which is a simple gel and smells really fresh and clean, it lathers a little bit but does not dry out your face at all.
Second step is the tonic which you can use with the provided towel to wipe away any of the leftover residue the cleanser might not have picked up.

The last 2 steps are preventative and also used for when you have that blemish that does not go away as you will see demonstrated in my before pictures.
I would apply the Acne treatment to the blemish about twice a day and also use the skin clearing serum as an added protection. The results have been staggering! I do not like to photograph without makeup but you will see in my last picture I am completely without makeup and without blemishes!!
This is only the halfway point in the 60 day skincare program but I am looking forward to being completely blemish free at that point. This system is so good and so gentle I now have my 12 year old using it and it is working wonders on her newly hormonal skin. I will state that I think I finally found the right system for my adult acne.

                         AFTER (15 days)

                          One Week Later..

If you are interested in seeing if the EXPOSED 60 day skin care program can work for you
visit them at

** This product was obtained for reviewing purposes through BrandBacker****

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