Natural Snacking at your door every month!

As a Mom, I am always looking for better snack alternatives for my Daughter and myself. I'd like to say that I am healthy-conscious but don't always eat the way i'd like to. For instance,when it comes to snacks I do try and buy a lot of "natural" products or at least ones that state that they are but alas that isn't always the case.

 I first learned about NatureBox from a review on Youtube:(Here is a review from a Vlog friend SuperFreaky1RU  
She raves about how her family is fighting over these snack before she had the chance to do her video!! 

What does it have?: Delicious snacks with no artificial stuff, no partially hydrogenated oils, in a nutshell(ha ha) no bad stuff!

What does it cost monthly?:The box is $19.95 and Free shipping and you do have the option to pause a box if you don't want it that month.

Also for every box that is sent NatureBox feeds a child in need!! So this is something you can feel good about doing for yourself and others.

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