A few Coupon tips from CholyFlower and a Great coupon site!!

This is definitely one of my favorite sites for couponing, As you all know I like to do match-ups for most of the products I aim to buy(especially drug store, Target, and regular manufacturers). This is the key to getting great savings and sometimes not having to pay a dime for some products if you do your matchups right.

My suggestions??

1.First seek out your favorite stores and check their websites for printable coupons(i.e. Walmart, Target, Big Lots..etc)
2. Make sure you get your Sunday paper for coupon inserts and for some of us(like me who get it in advertising inserts on Wednesdays) coupons can be doubled that week!
3. Now Check your fliers, and online for all sales and get your printers ready you will be doing a lot of printing but I promise you it's all worth it.
4. Now go shopping!! But FIRST... go look for those clearance items that is the key to finding the real deals. If you are armed with your coupons, scan codes, and discount cards(Target has a 5% off your order everytime you use their debit cards) well now you are stacking up the savings. Makeup is BEST for this type of shopping I have scored so many free or near free stuff just from scouring out the clearance stuff!!!
5. Make sure when you print out your coupons that the barcode is completely there! I can't tell you how many times i've lost out on savings because my coupon didn't print out the barcode all the way and stores cannot scan them!!!!

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