Review: Valentia: A Most Refreshing Scrub for a Youthful Appearance" rel="nofollow"> About this Product:  Valentia Eternal Youth Exfoliating Scrub made from Green and White teas infused with tropical butters and vitamins A, B, D, and E. Designed to soften the skin, remove dead skin cells, prevent future breakouts and keep the skin refreshed and hydrated.

My Experience:This is a refreshing scrub made with green and white tea and a slew of other soothing and hydrating ingredients to gently slough off the dead skin and recreate a fresher more youthful appearance. Valentia products is all I use now so I was very happy to be able to review a scrub as well from them, Packaged in it's usual white and gold which just looks like a luxury product, This scrub is pleasant smelling and gentle to use.
I prefer to use my finger when applying any scrub and I was very impressed with how mild it was as opposed to much grittier or heavier scrubs I have used in the past. The scrub has a gel-like consistency which I think is from the Aloe Vera and the jojoba beads are gentler than scrubs that would just about throw tree bark in there to scrub your face with and your left red and irritated.This does not do that whatsoever. It leaves my face feeling cool and refreshed and then of course i apply my Valentia serums after and I am fresh faced, looking young  and ready to go!! It is also said to prevent breakouts so I may pass this on to my teenage daughter to try.
Every Valentia product I have tried has been an organic luxury for my skin and I have not experienced  a better skincare line since discovering them.

Disclaimer: This sample was sent complimentary for reviewing purposes all opinions expressed are from my own experience.

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