Review: Reviv Serums (Resurfacing Serum)

As someone who reviews and tries many types of skin care including all different types of serums ranging from anti-aging to skin clearing and so on, what can become very frustrating is having to remember which to use for one specific purpose. 
A few months back I received some products through Brandbacker for the line Reviv Serums. 
I was sent their Ultimate Serum which contains stem cells, growth factors and peptides. This serum is the first direct competitor TNS Essential Serum® NEWBEAUTY™ Beauty Choice Award Winner and InStyle™ Beauty Award Winner) by SkinMedica® / Allergan, Inc.
This serum contains 23 of the top ingredients (professional grade) with physician office potency.
But what does it do for your skin??
When I began using this serum I was hopeful that it would procure amazing results but what I found from this particular serum it had an adverse affect and I broke out from it. 
When I wrote to the company they were gracious enough to have me try another amazing product and sent me their Resurfacing Serum.
This product contains Mandelic Acid and alpha hydroxy derived from Almonds!
It is naturally anti-bacterial and bactericidal.
This serum is recommended for those mottled skin, acne blemishes and scars, rosacea, age spots,
skin laxity and clarity. 
I myself have suffered from having adult acne when it can happen due to stress or hormones. I also have visible freckles and dark spots especially featured on my forehead. 
I have been using this serum now for a few weeks and noticed a vast improvement in my skin's clarity and also in clearing my skin faster.
I've  noticed since my skin has now gotten acclimated to the  product I have incorporated switching to the Ultimate Serum every third day and found that this system has worked far better than when I tried the Ultimate serum on it's own.
The Hair Stimulating Serum has shown to be a added step in my usual hair care regime and I am noticing less fall out and a stronger . healthier appearance to my scalp.
These products are also recommended for use on your hands and neck as well.
There is no scent from the resurfacing serum it is light and easily absorbs in your skin.
The Ultimate serum had a nutty, scent like almond biscotti and is also light and easily absorbed.
It is also recommended not to use too much of this product as it can become sticky, follow it up with your favorite moisturizer if this becomes a challenge.
All in all I am very impressed by this system and this company for recommending another
product that has worked wonder for me.

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