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I started doing this about 3 1/2 yrs ago when my long time love of writing and my newest passions (makeup, beauty savings and freebies) were the main focus. I really had no idea about blogging or what it entailed other than posting ads and affiliate links and it quickly came to where I wanted more than just advertising and contests. So i created my You tube channel which soon developed into what I really wanted to do which was to connect with my audience through my own interpretation of beauty which is universal and fun and should not always be taken so seriously. I recently came back to blogging to try and build up my skills and also to expand my horizons and experience new and up and coming things to share with my audience. 

My focus is mainly Beauty, Lifestyle andI have done many product reviews (not just on beauty) but also including electronics, food, games, subscription boxes and services. I have also written about several different travel attractions local and national such as: Madame Tussauds, LegoLand Discovery Center Westchester, Hershey Park, Quassy Park, Classic Harbor Line NYC. 

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