Back To School: Sponsorship for your groups and events has never been easier

"Commercial activities in schools can incur costs that outweigh their financial benefits". 

Each year it can get increasingly difficult to maintain a lot of school sport teams, youth groups and organizations without sponsorship and until PEAR the statistics of costs of things like equipment, uniforms and other essentials become very costly and even school fundraisers may not cover all that is needed to run these programs.

PEAR makes sponsorship easy for groups and events of any size. They are able to do this by pairing up with major brands (such as Ritz, Verizon, Applebees, Johnsonville and more) and small businesses to help group and event organizers get the support they need by fitting you with the kind of support you may need.

It's really simple to do, you just find your sponsor in less than 60 seconds and activate your community to help raise up to $1,000 or more toward custom apparel, equipment, donation, gift cards from a national brand or a local business near you.

Right now with Fall Soccer Leagues starting up soon Ritz Bits is offering up to $1,000 in sponsorship cash for all Youth Soccer teams ages (6-12).
For more information please visit PEAR

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