Review and Giveaway: 360 Deodorant Hotate Spray

More and more I am loving how nature friendly products are becoming. 
If you are anything like me who is always spraying, spritzing or misting something in the air to rid odors or eliminate ones from beginning you also know that we can end up enhancing the problem by just trying to cover them up in spring floral scents or laundry detergent infused products that really do not eliminate odors they just cover them up.

Recently I find myself looking for more all natural ways to deodorize instead of paying for those pricey, full of chemical spritz bottles of name brand deodorizers.
I was contacted by this company who specializes in making hotate spray. 

Now your asking what exactly is hotate spray and how does it work?
Hotate is derived from the Japanese word 帆立 which means "Scallop Shell". Scallop Shell has a strong deodorant effect. Hotate is extremely safe because it's a 100% natural. 

This spray is formulated with Aluminum Chlorohydrate, and is 100% effective for bad odors caused by sweat and bacteria.
It has absolutely no odor whatsoever so you will not be using a smelly, flowery spray.
Instead you will be using an all-natural, unscented, safe for pets and children alternative. This 360 spray can be used everywhere you need odor eliminating such as:

2.Bathtub and Basin
3.Pet Beds
4.Litter boxes
5.Garbage areas
7.Upholstery in Cars
9.Attics and Basements
10.Kitchen Areas

Put it this way, anywhere it smells!!
Within 5 minutes of use of this product the odors are GONE! not just covered up they cease to exist! I was really impressed and I am advocating that this product really does work and is so much better for the environment. I think you will find that once you try this you will never miss those spring flowers or detergent smelly sprays again!

Now here is your chance to win your own bottle 

360 Hotate All-Natural Deodorant Spray

I was sent this product for FREE in exchange for my 100% honest and unbiased review all opinions expressed here are my own

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