REVIEW:Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serum

I was given the opportunity to try out the new Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serum Advanced Relief for free in exchange for my review the following is my experience with using this product for one full week.

First thing you notice about this lotion is it's consistency which is unlike a lotion and more like a creamy gel. It sinks easily into the skin but without greasiness or a film. Kind of like the serums you would use on your face. I noticed right away by touching my hand it felt softer and nourished but with almost a feel like you just applied a primer.

The uses after that were strictly on my legs as they tend to be the driest area of my body especially when the warmer months come, I experience a patchy area above my ankle that itches and becomes very flaky and raw. When I applied the Vaseline® Intensive CareTM Healing Serum  on my legs i could feel instantly a calming to that area in particular with no stinging or burning just a feel of enveloped moisturizing. As i continued use on my legs with nothing else I could see and feel the difference. My legs began to feel softer, smoother and more toned than I had seen them before. The area above my ankle became less and less irritating and more like my normal skin again.

Let's talk about the fragrance for a moment...I have spent so much money over the years buying the more expensive brands of lotions and potions at retail prices just to find a wonderfully feminine and floral (without being overbearing) scent in this tube which is only a fraction of the price of those more expensive "Body" lotions and has way more benefits.

All in all I really enjoyed using this product and noticing the difference in my skin as a result. 

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