Review: Mrs Cavanaughs Chocolates

The following product was sent to me for free to review. The following is my 100% honest and unbiased review.

When i think of indulging in a box of chocolates it's usually not until that dreaded holiday in February where there are variations of just about every chocolate combination you can think of, but what happens when you get that box when you bite into that one piece and really don't like what's inside?? A chocolate disappointment. 

That definitely did not happen with MRS CAVANAUGHS CHOCOLATES. Every single one I tried was delicious and satisfying. The centers were fresh not dated and you cannot stop at just one which is it's only drawback.

A Holiday staple Mrs. Cavanaughs, was created in the heart of Utah where only the best chocolate was made. Beginning with making Pecan rolls before she ever dipped her first batch of chocolate, Mrs Cavanaugh was encouraged by her friends and family after sampling her product and inspired her to create these wonderful chocolates.

For me it was hard to choose which were my favorite from the chewy to the crunchy. The soft centers and the smooth ones. All in all a very indulgent experience for anyone, on anyday!

Now YOU can enjoy Mrs. Cavanaughs infamous 1b box of chocolates and receive a FREE one with purchase!! use the code: usfamily2014

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