Review: Classic Harbor Line Manhattan Tour

I was recently given the opportunity to take my family members on a wonderful day trip to view NYC on the Classic Harbor Line located at Chelsea Piers on the West Side of Manhattan. Being from NY and also living in the boroughs I've only had the chance to see the city from very limited views either by car or ferry, never have i had the chance to see NYC so close I can almost touch it!

We arrived at the Pier about an hour beforehand weather was definitely on our side at a warm and breezy 77 degrees!!  we got a chance to walk around, enjoy a snack from the vending cart and see all the goings on around us. One of the neat things to see on the pier beside the massive schooners, cruise ships and sailboats docked is the carousel located at Pier 61.

We didn't get a chance to ride it but we did use it as an opportunity to take some photos and so we hammed it up for the camera. We also got a chance to view the overlook of the park and watch the skaters in the skater park as well.

 The view alone is breathtaking and we had many reasons to pull out our cameras to capture the environment and get ready for our tour!
Being silly on the Pier
My daughter Julia recording the sights overlooking the pier

A short time after our walking excursions it was finally time to board our boat and start the tour. We were taking the  1 1/2 hour sunset cruise tour on the Yacht Manhattan which is a 80 ft and can hold anywhere from 20-85 guests at capacity. On this day we were only about 15-18 at most!
When you first board you get a sense of "luxury" right away. Your greeted by many a friendly staff member and led inside the ship where there are comfortable booths and varnished tables which had drink menus waiting for us. (You're allowed one complimentary drink). 
I was most impressed by how serene and tranquil i felt right away ( I have not been on a boat in some years and there was a slight concern of sea sickness.) Whatever concerns I might have had quickly went awry as we started our journey around the Hudson.
America 2.0

Whether you're  from NY or not you will never know a better view I can assure you, the pictures only do it half the justice it deserves your breath will truly be taken away. We got to witness the NY skyline, Statue of Liberty, Freedom Tower, Empire State Building and more. My daughter and I spent the majority of the cruise outside on the deck recording and taking in all the sites below is just a small video I took of the Statue of Liberty and hearing the song "Can't you see" in the background made me tear up with pride and wonder as if I was seeing her for the first time, it is a memory I will forever cherish (You will also hear the captain in the background.)

One more thing I will never forget on this trip was while my Daughter and my friend were on the bow taking pictures a very strong current hit the water and the boat started to rock up and down and before we knew it they were lifted and knocked clear off their feet!! Many thanks to all of the crew who rushed to their aid quickly! I have to say I received a minor heart attack but they turned out to both be fine and even the captain came down to extend his apologies.
All in all this was one of the best life experiences I shared with my family and friends. I would highly recommend anyone who is coming to the city for the first time or umpteenth time to take this cruise it will give you a whole new love for the city that never sleeps. 
If you are interested in booking a tour please go CLASSIC HARBOR LINE and use the promo code:FAMILY10
Freedom Tower

*NOTE: I was given the opportunity to review this tour with USFAMILYGUIDE. 
This is NOT a paid review.

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