Kimble Beauty Shine Serum and Elastics Review

I was sent these products to review through BrandBacker.

KIMBLEBEAUTY is a line created true to the concept of beautiful style and healthy hair. With its performance-tested formulas and quality ingredients, hair has the freedom to be styled without hesitation. While the diverse and versatile products can help achieve any desired look, the also treat and nourish the hair. Simply put, Kimble Beauty™ delivers great-looking uncompromised hair

Brazilian Nut and Acai Berry shine serum said to nourish your hair as well as give it silky shine does just that! I used a tiny amount after showering and massaged it into my roots, ends and the rest of my hair. I went about blow drying and styling and found it to be smoother and much more manageable then I used another tiny amount to seal in that shine, it lasted all day and I loved the smell.

Also accompanied with this serum were the Silk Infused non-metal elastics and I must say this was my favorite product from Kimble Beauty!! I am an avid pony-tail wearer and I use many an elastic and most of the time they wear and break or do not support my hair without somehow pulling it slightly when I release the pony-tail. These however, did NOT do that at all and I found I only had to wrap them twice around my hair to get a secure hold of my pony-tail. My hair stayed in place and I did not incur any weird bumps when I pulled the elastic out!! This retail for $12.00 (you get 6 in a package) on their website and are worth every penny!!

All in all I really enjoyed both products and would recommend them to anyone who wants silky, shiny hair and a great sleek pony-tail THANK YOU KIMBLE BEAUTY!!

If you would like to purchase any of these items please visit them here:KIMBLE BEAUTY to get a 10% discount off your order.

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