Blogger Review: Purex No-Sort Detergent

I received this wonderful product via Purex Insiders for Bloggers like me who love to try new products and review them to let my wonderful subscribers know what I think>> SO WHAT DID I THINK? At first I was skeptical about the claim.. Using a detergent that allows you to wash both colors and whites without having to seperate them and no bleeding?? How is that possible? Purex has designed this with a Anti-color transfer technology so your clothes are protected from any bleeding or fading into each other. The proof is in the usage. I brought this with me to a public laundromat where there are all sorts of residue and matter from all other clothes being washed and detergents being used so this was the ultimate test and low and behold Purex No-sort did the trick!!! The smell is incredible and lasted very long (I washed a very heavy blanket in this and its been over 8 days and still smells as fresh as it did the day I washed it!! My clothese (whites and lights included) all came out exceptionally clean and not a trace of color (had all my daughters bright colors in there as well) and not a shred of bleeding. I would definitely recommend this product and I have since continued to use it!

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