Review:FDS Perfectly Portable Feminine Cloths


For as long as I have been alive that brand has always been a trusted name. It's been around as long as I am alive and I have used their products since I first graduated from adolescent to adult.

 So I was more than happy to have the opportunity to review their new Perfectly Portable Feminine Cloths.

 I have always used and been a fan of their feminine spray and always yearned for them to come out with a cloth, and here it is finally!! Have you checked out the packaging??

 It is the most stylish, adorable portable peace of mind ever created. Each pack is individually wrapped with 10 cloths to a pack so it fits in your purse perfectly.

I couldn't wait to use these from the first day they arrived and I was not disappointed. The cloths are gentle, with a light feminine scent and non irritating (no alcohol)but most of all effective! I felt cleaner, fresher and knowing that they were free of parabens and sulfates was an added plus. I highly recommend these cloths to woman of all ages and Ph balances, they will definitely suit your needs and make you feel more confident. I am grateful to Brandbacker for sending me these to review.


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