Review:BA Star Cosmetics Lip Pencil In Holiday Red

Hello my lovies !!

Today I will be reviewing a product I was sent for a review. Which means i will be giving you the 411 as honestly as i possibly can!

For this review I will be discussing a Lip pencil from a company called BA Star

With the holidays approaching us rapidly, (Amazing how we go from Halloween to Christmas in a snap of a finger) I know that we all start the search for that "perfect red" lipstick. We search high and low in all of our favorite drugstores, outlets, department stores and even Ulta and Sephora
spending wads of cash on something we'll only use through New Years and
then forget about.

Until now: This jumbo pencil (while very deceiving in the package). Looks almost like a blood red when you first notice it. Then when I swatched it
I noticed more of a pinky-red than a true red red... does that make sense??

Here is a swatch:
And here's what it looks like on:(sorry upside down)
So as you can see it does appear to me more on the pinkish side
but I quite enjoy that as in not being too brash of a red color (like a vampire)
What I also enjoy is that is IS a pencil and you can be very precise.
It's a creamy formula and glides on nicely. I was skeptical that it might be dry or flake at some point but I have had no issues with that so far.
I would definitely recommend this product for those who like a subtle
approach to red and want a longer lasting formula.

COMPANY: BA Star specializes in Cheerleader, Dancers, Competitors and Trendsetters!!
They encourage you to be yourself and to do it boldly!!

Price for Lip Pencil-$8.50

And just for you readers a code
for 50% off BA Cosmetics:BBLIPS

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