CholyFlower: Review of Fysiko Eyelash serum

Recently, I was engaged in a new product called Fysiko Eyelash Serum through Sverve.
 What immediately caught my attention were the claims on growing my eyelashes naturally.

In doing a little research i found out this product retails for $139!! that's insanity!! So I was really skeptical as to what this really could do for me at such a high price it not only should grow my lashes,but it should buy me an outfit, take me out to dinner and a movie and dessert!!

All kidding aside I received the tube and started to use it and the first thing I noticed was no burning!! and no
stinging. It glides on and that's it no other steps to it just let the product do it's magic.

And magic it did!!! I noticed that my eyelashes felt softer and more conditioned. Mascara became easier to put on and as the weeks went on I noticed the wisps of my lashes were getting longer. What I didn't expect is for the ones that were sparse to grow in!!! not only was I getting length but I was getting fuller lashes!!

So in closing I would recommend this product if you really want to invest in longer and FULLER lashes this is the product to purchase. 

Here is me at the beginning of the trial:               First application

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