How to score great things at a Penny Social.. wait.. What IS a Penny Social?

Last night my family and I ate an early dinner and got ourselves ready for our community
Penny Social at the local V.F.W in our town. We look forward to this event every year and it is also a great way to score some free stuff! Albeit, it depends on your luck and timing but I have to say we did pretty darn good!!

But now your asking.... What IS a Penny Social??

 A Penny Social is a benefit auction with a raffle twist. You buy 2-part tickets at the door and use them to bid on items that you like. That's the auction. Your tickets and everyone else's 
are put in a basket and the winning ticket is pulled out at random. That's the raffle part 
of a Penny Social and a big part of the fun and entertainment. 
Auction selections for this event include toys, games, jewelry, DVDs, CDs, glassware, 
gift baskets, and all sorts of home and yard items. There is also special door prizes: 
gift certificates from restaurants and other local businesses, Appliances, Home decor items, Wine, stuff for the kids, etc.......

Tickets go for about $2 entry and you get a sheet of tickets to go with that which includes entry into the door prize giveaway. If you wish to purchase more penny tickets for the smaller prizes you can do so and those are also $2 a sheet or 4 for $5 in most cases.
 Sweepstakes and 50/50 are also for sale and they are usually $1 raffle or $5 for arms length. Our 50/50 ended up being $250!!! We didn't win but someone went home $250.00 richer than they came!!

Penny Socials always have food and beverages served (ours has cookies on every table for free and you can get hot dogs, chili, nachos, soda, chips and other goodies for about $1 or $2) So you can stay well energized while you are waiting patiently for the auction to start!!

This is also a great way to involve the kids as they get to go around and put tickets in for items they might want to win!! My daughter and niece love this part the best so the anticipation builds throughout the night if they get what they really wanted!!!
                                          Just one of the tables where Sweepstakes prizes were held

                                 My Niece Kyra diligently putting all her tickets out.
                          My Niece and Daughter Julia, with some of the prizes they won!!!

We were quite the rowdy group at my table with Myself, my family and some lovely ladies who joined us and their grandson. (It was their first time for some at a Penny Social) and they were hootin and hollerin' for us everytime a number was called and it was our table!!

You can get very giddy at these things as I did!! We were very lucky this evening with what seemed like numbers being called at our table every 10 minutes and for some pretty cool stuff!! My niece even scored herself a brand new see through bird house the size of a small cat, complete with feeder, seed and much more she was a happy camper!!(She also won a free game of Mini-Golf at our local Red-Rooster). 

Pictured below is what WE went home with after all was said and done!!!

Pictured here: Herb Garden and hanging baskets, Jungle Kit First Aid and Bracelet kit, VeryMints (12 in a box) Bottle of white wine (door prize), Grey tote bag (left side back), Dalmation toy, crayons, 2 Calvin & Hobbes comic strip books, Positive thinking Bible (LOL), Disney Princess color set, 2 Dvd's (cartoons), Friendship Bracelet craft set, Spongebob hand wash, Kid post it's, Verizon earwave boom headset, Pot holders, scented roses, and a purple sand bucket.

So as you can see we made out really well!!
If you ever see a sign in your town for a Penny Social I recommend you check it out
It's fun for the whole family and you can score some great deals!!! 

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