Review: My new obsession SHOPLATELY

So I have a new obsession, and that's not easy with me these days with the countless numbers of websites and deals I see come across daily. I found Shoplately on Youtube when someone was bragging about all the swag they have been getting and that they are on it everyday because the deals were that good, oh and if you signed up you would get a free credit to shop. That sold me.

A little background on Shoplately: They are an accessories only website that provides you with fashionable gear at VERY affordable prices (most things on the sale rack side are $5) always packed with limited time offers and Store shelves of full-priced items offered at ridiculous discounts. Oh and did I mention they also have NYX nailpolish?? 

If your not into purchasing on Shoplately there is also an option to SELL! Yes I said SELL! you can create and manage your own store of items both full price and sale. 

This one I managed to keep myself ODELIA FRINGE NECKLACE $12.00
Now onto my purchases: Before Christmas I went a bit crazy and ordered some items for gifts, reluctantly because I did not know the quality they would be for the prices they were being offered but nevertheless I put in my order and 2 days before Christmas I got them in the mail and was instantly impressed! Unfortunately I can't show you all of what I purchased but above is a picture of the necklace I bought myself.... Merry Christmas to me!!

So after being very satisfied with the choices, quality and the fast shipping I put in another order this time with a bit of mystery...

I ordered the limited edition Mystery box $14.99 (supposedly worth $50-$200). You could pick your own "style"and they create a box of goodies geared toward that particular choice. I decided to go with Fierce Fashionista. I was pleasantly surprised honestly, As best I can I will try and find the value on these but the pictures do not do these items justice. They seem to all be from the Glint and Gleam store which was great because I purchased from there before.
I coud not locate all the things in my box to give an accurate value but here is what I could find.
Box included: Leopard head band (??)
                       Neon Chevron  Cutout Earrings $10.00
                        Glam Up instant nail wrap $5.00
                       Chunky multi-colored jeweled stretchy ring
                       Hermadite link chain (??)
Even though I couldn't figure out the value completely I am very happy with this box, I love the ring especially and the necklace is pretty heavy. The nail stickers are really adorable and i will be using them in the next few days and I love the earrings. 

If you are interested in Shoplately please visit the $5 credit link and if you are new to Shoplately you will get a $5 credit to shop or think of it as a pair of free earrings!! Enjoy guys!
$5 Credit

All items have been purchased by me I am not employed by Shoplately nor was asked to do a review I did this all on my own :)

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