For my Lieber Award nomination.....

1.       How did you go about choosing the name for your blog?
Basically I used my user handle and tried to mush it with something beautiful... 

2.      What was your favorite game to play as a child?
        Monopoly I could play it for hours.

3.      What is one thing in life you would like to do, but have not done yet?
        Write that book baby!! I keep saying I will and *sigh*

4.      What is your signature dish, the one that others request you make?
          Chicken and Broccoli (not chinese) and Pizza


5.      What is your personal theme song, the song that best describes you?
         Still haven't found what i'm looking for- U2

6.      At the buffet, what is the one food item you are most likely to skip over?
             Anything that doen't look edible.

7.      When choosing to travel, are you most likely to journey by plane, train, or automobile?
          mostly automobile but if its out of State.. Plane.

8.     Do you have any phobias, what are they?
      People are my phobia, I think lol
9.      What is your morning routine like?
         Wake at 7:15 am, get daughter fed, dressed, hair, teeth, given vitamins, pack her up, and send to the bus and then it's my morning coffee/breakfast.


10.  Super power you wish you had?
      X-ray vision or being invisible 

11.   You would not be caught dead where?
        Tanning Salons

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