Review: Parnevu T-Tree Shampoo, Growth Creme' and Extra Dry Carrot Oil

First of all I would like to thank the folks over at Parnevu for sending me and allowing me to review these products. My promise was to be absolutely honest about each product and that is what i intend to do. 

Parnevu T-tree Shampoo and Growth Creme' is made with Australian Tea Tree oil to remove impurities, help with dry scalp itch and flakiness and lock in vital moisture. 

Carrot Oil :PARNEVU Carrot Oil is a therapeutic hair and scalp treatment that will allow that hair to effectively reach maximum growth by strengthening each strand of hair.

My hair is thick, color treated and can get dry very fast so I have to be careful of what shampoos I use. I tried the T-Tree oil shampoo alone my first impression was I didn't care for the smell much but the consistency was creamy. I used it and sadly on it's own it did dry my hair in the shower( I felt that instantly) but, on the brighter side I used the Extra Dry Carrot Oil after i shampooed and this turned that dryness around fast!! When I finished I applied the T-Tree Growth Creme' and I think this was my favorite product to use after the previous 2. 

I blew out my hair and then used the flat iron and I could tell my hair was easier to manage, softer, and smoother. The sheen on it was what impressed me the most and it felt very healthy.

The other times I went back to use T-Tree Shampoo I would mix it with a moisturizing shampoo and it would work just fine. I think for my particular hair this might have not been the best formula but I used it on my 9 yr old daughter who has dry scalp and this worked amazing for her.
She even commented she liked using it because it made her hair less "tangly" and I use the growth treatment on her scalp after every shampoo to keep it conditioned and healthy.

In conclusion my overall opinion is I would recommend these products (even though it wasn't the right shampoo for me I would love to try the other formulas!!) I do think it does the job. 

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