Review: Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara by Maybelline..MEOW!

I will officially jump on the bandwagon and review Maybelline's new Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara which I had no idea existed until Youtube of course!

The name of the mascara and it's jungle packaging grabbed me right away and I must salute the designers at Maybelline who decided to make the tube yellow so it jumps right out at you as if stalking you like prey!


The wand is spindly and thin (which is what I love about it) so it does grab every lash and extends them. ( This was the first time I applied one coat and you can see the extension and no clumps or stickiness!!

Maybelline claims that it gives you that "bold" cat eye lash and they certainly did not disappoint, I instantly saw my lashes go from kitten to RRRRRROAAARRRRR!!! The formula is made with collagen for that unique "claw" brush effect.

But first impressions can be a bit deceiving especially if you are like me and sometimes feel that a product is too good to be true,  I decided to give it a go again and this time I used 2 coats on both top and bottom lashes. 
(note: I did not use a lash curler) AMAZING! I love how my lashes were swept up and out and still no clumping or stickiness. I would definitely recommend this mascara to anyone who wanted to achieve that Cat Eye look with a feline edge!

Disclaimer: I purchased this mascara with my own money and all opinions are solely based on my experience, I was not compensated in any way for this review.

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