New SmartFood Bzzagent Review

So, I was excited as all heck to be able to sample these snacks, as I am a huge consumer of natural snacks with unique flavors. However, I was NOT expecting to get a HUGE bag of Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Popcorn and I have to say my first reaction was not exactly enthusiastic. First off let me say, that I love savory snacks AND sweet snacks the combination is wonderful, BUT when i took a wiff into the bag of Cinnamon and Brown Sugar PoPcorn I was turned off, it didn't appeal to me at all and when I sampled one, I really didn't like it at all. A few days passed and I was hungry for a snack so I grabbed some almonds and decided to give this popcorn a try again maybe mixing it with the salty almonds would improve the flavor, and so far it was a great combo. So I have to say I would NOT recommend this particular flavor alone. I would suggest eating it with a mixture of salted snacks to balance out the really sweet popcorn. Now onto the hummus chips... I am a HUGE fan of POP Chips (especially the Vinegar and salt variety) so I was anxious to try these as they reminded me of them in consistency. I sampled the Garlic Tomato and really enjoyed the tangy, garlic flavor. I think I would prefer to eat these with a sandwich or even a cup of soup. I have yet to try the Feta ones but I have no doubt that they are just as good so overall.. I would give the hummus chips a 7 and the Cinnamon Popcorn a 5.

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