My Fave Youtube Subbies:Why I love them and why you will too!

I wanted to sort of pay an homage to my fellow Youtube gurus, vloggers, reviewers what have you because without them I truly don't think I would have started CholyFlower or at least the inspiration would not have been there.

I realize for a new blogger/vlogger such as myself this is a strange thing to blog about and I have not seen it done so like with my unique personality I wanted to attempt at showing these wonderful people the love they deserve and give you an insight on why you should love them too!

I started my Youtube Channel in 2009 and primarily it was for Karaoke videos, family stuff, my shows and general goofiness, When I decided to venture into "beauty" and "makeup" as in having a channel dedicated to it I spent weeks and weeks just WATCHING. I watched so many tutorials, reviews and hauls and came across some funny, informative, and enthusiastic people who were just normal like me talking and sharing about beauty.

Needless to say since I started my channel I grew to know(well at least through their videos) and really (and I mean this sincerely) really LIKE these people. You will see why in the next segment I like to call:


The following are my TOP 10 and these opinions are solely mine and made of my own volition.  I chose to go with 10, because it is a nice round number and I did have to scale it down so here are my faves.

1. 30plussome- Melissa was the probably one of the first I had subscribed to when I came upon a video she did on just random facts about herself and what impressed me is how she thanks you for your time on every single submission she makes, "Hey gang, I really appreciate your time" She is sarcastic, blunt and very witty. Her knowledge of makeup and beauty products is astounding because you wonder how this woman who has 4 girls (including a 6mth old) and 3 stepdaughters, a husband, 2 dogs and a harried schedule where she gets the time to bring you such in depth stuff on just about anything you ask of her. She makes me laugh, I blame her for a lot of the makeup I want and can't afford (but will get at some point) and when you think she stops at just beauty.. no no no she has a second channel folks for couponing and shows you step by step how to achieve at least 70% off your bill and she, (like me) doesn't pay for a lot of items (impressive). I love her! and you will too. (but if you don't that's ok too ;)

2.ItsKeerstin- Hold onto your wallets girls because after you watch Keerstin you will want to spend, spend and spend some more! But, that it beside the point because the other thing that will happen when you watch her is fall in love! She's bubbly, without being a total airhead, she's friendly and factual and tells you in depth about every single product she purchases and where she got them and why YOU should get them as well, Oh and I must mention her adorable cat Patch who is in almost every video with her and the interaction will have you in stitches, She is someone you can relate to and even though I rib her about her spending GINORMOUSLY as she does on anything beauty, I secretly yearn to own her entire collection!! She also has a magnificent way of showing you how she organizes all of her goodies! Recently Keerstin had a misfortune with Google Adsense which is a crime because there is noone that deserves accolades for what she puts out there and I am proud to say that I love her channel..oh so much it is AMAZE-BALLS (her word) :)

3.NikkieDee14- This young woman I simply adore.. She is practical, she is funny (she inspired my first beauty guru parody) She gives great tutorials and she is relate-able. Nikki is like a lot of us who are watching our pockets but does not sell you short on her reviews, and she'll tell you like it is on the ones she didn't care for. She will also give you the latest dirt on what's going on in Hollywood or the celebrity circuit. (especially all things Twilight). Nikki is a natural beauty and she can take you from a day at work to an all-out Lady Gaga! Very talented and just a great gal!

4.A1Nettie- I have to admit openly I am addicted to her channel! If you want to know about the latest in freebies and freebie sites, she is your gal! She also scores amazingly with giveaways, contests and product reviews. I follow her very carefully so I don't miss all of the great things she gets and you can get too if you are diligent and patient. She not only gives you insight on freebies but she also reviews products, shares hauls and all while her adorable daughter allison is talking in the background! She is also an amazing person as a runner! She shares her journey with that as well. THIS IS A MUST CHANNEL!!

5.Vadisrad- Do not mistake this young lady for a teenager cuz she is NOT!. No, she is Vanessa and she's 26 and a mom! She looks super young for her age but it's only in her favor because she definitely appeals to more than one demographic. She is someone who can talk to those teens but as a mom and a woman I respect her opinions and her humor is just so bitingly witty. Now my confession: I thought she was a teen when i first watched her too but she is the kind if I was a teen today I would hang out with, and FUNNY!! she will have you laughing for days. I guess I have a pension for the sarcastic and blunt, but very sweet and honest. Vanessa has a great personality, tells it like it is and her reviews are awesome, totally!! 

My cousin

6.WhatWouldLizzyDo-  (Woot Woot!)Oh, how I love Lizzy. First of all she is drop-dead gorgeous and is the most goofiest, dorkiest, bombshell you will ever meet. All those things I mentioned is what drew me to her in the first place and she reminds me so much of my cousin in looks (see left). Lizzy will take you from this femme-fatale to family guy, she is just that funny! Plus, she tells it like it is in all her reviews and she never talks up a product unless she herself tries it out. She also gives stellar tutorials on all kinds of looks. You just have to watch her to know what I mean... Woot! Woot!

7.SparklicityN06- Whenever you want to know about a monthly subscription box or awesome reviews on hair-care, sunscreen, put together outfits and most importantly how to eat healthier and look fabulous?? Natalie is your gal. She is a sun-kissed blonde, gorgeous and oh so warm and friendly. I go to her channel whenever she posts because I like to compare opinions on what we get every month whether it be Glam bag, Birchbox, Little Black Bag and even the ones I don't subscribe to I still watch her. 

8.MyFreeProductSamples- Although not related to beauty, I adore Cher and her channel. Cher brings you samples and tons of them, plus she lets you know what is still available and whats not you can also follow her on her blog as she posts things as they become available. Why is she on this list?? She is adorable, very personable and friendly and it's just so pleasant to watch her, She doesn't confuse you and you get some great tips on freebies from her. All the while she was pregnant with her baby boy she still managed to bring us great freebies and I appreciate all of her efforts!

9.BeautySkinCareEtc- Another Liz on our list, and another funny, funny lady. She is a trip!al
Personally, I added Liz here because she is responsible for a lot of my online purchases!! I have to give credit where credit is due and if not for her I would never have found Vitacost, or some of the other great sites where you can use codes to purchase things! She also has made some really funny parody videos, she takes you on trips with her and shows you how she packs for them, She has a vlog channel as well for all her adventures. She is truly a unique and special gal!

10.SuperFreaky1RU- Last, but definitely not least whatsoever is Sheryl. I became addicted to her channel after I sat up and watched almost a dozen of her sample box wars videos!! She usually shoots really late (and that's fine because i'm usually up) and she is so thorough and so informative about every last product she buys. She takes you from high end to drugstore and whats good and what's not. I love her laugh, I love her spirit, I know she deals with pain a majority of the time and still manages to pump out these incredible videos! 

Honorable Mentions:

Specktranet- She is my fave guru from across the ocean! She primarily talks a lot about MAC makeup but has the most incredible style, wonderful tutorials and informative vids!

HrhCollection-Girls, you will never look better after you see what outfits Alex puts together! and with her HRH jewelry you will be stylin!! I started watching Alex before she made these fantastic pieces, (when she was just reviewing and hauling like the rest of us) but she has branched out and she should just have her own line of clothing as well her style is impeccable!!

AndreasChoice-Ipsy/Glam girl and to die for HAIR!! Andrea offers all young women the ability to DIY!!! from galaxy nails, tie-dye shorts and dorm looks to acne treatments, hair lighteners and how to even glam up those costume jewelry pieces you swore you would never wear again, Andrea gives you a few simple steps and next thing you know you have something everyone else wants! She also has her own nailpolish line, a twin sister, an icon for Glam/ipsy and she's just a great inspiration to young girls out there.

So there you have it! My Youtube faves all worth subscribing to and keeping!
I Thank them all, if not for their wonderful submissions I would not be here today...<3 b="b" nbsp="nbsp">

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