Unjunked Bzzagent Review

I was very fortunate to be picked for this particular Bzzagent campaign for Unjunked the candy that promises a lot. First I will give you some background on this candy. Unjunked is a candy made without the bad stuff, It takes the junk out of candy and leaves it with nothing but what you want from a candy and that's sweetness without being too sweet, colorful without it coming from dyes, tasty without the fillers and preservatives and appealing in it's stripped down packaging.

As a BZZagent I received several coupons in the mail to redeem some Unjunked to sample and review. I went with the M&M like Unreal 41 in the blue packaging. Tonight I gave it my first try, I sampled the colorful chocolate candies and found that I could tell the difference right away.

1.They are considerably less sweet than the "melts in your mouth" version we are so used to having
2. They resemble skittles in size and color
3. It took me a minute to allow myself to slow down and track what I was really thinking while chomping these things down

4. These candies are about a buck for 1.5 oz

5. You CAN tell the difference right away

So here is what I thought:

I loved the packaging and when I opened them the colors were what made it so appealing, then I got to the taste and as I mentioned before they are considerably less sugary (19 grams)and less artificial tasting (NO artificial ingredients). For me they tasted like a combination of M&M's and milk duds, it had a milky flavor, rather than a strong sweet chocolate flavor. So to tell you the truth in a side by side comparison they would lose out on overall taste. However, I did enjoy this candy and I felt better eating it knowing I wasn't shoving in stuff that had 3-syllable names and every dye color in the rainbow.
I would give this particular kind a 6 out of 10 which is pretty high for a first sampling. I am pretty anxious to try the Peanut Butter Cups. I am thinking that I might enjoy those even more!

Again thank you to BzzAgent for choosing me to review this product. I was not paid to do this other than receiving coupons to purchase the candy. 

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