L.A. Minerals a fresh NEW face

You don't have to pay high prices to get the good stuff!! So much of what we consider "high end" is nothing more than fancy packaging, expensive literature and massive overhead. How many of you can even pronounce the ingredients in your makeup or know that it is beneficial to your skin?

 At LA Minerals you will find products that are truly safe and pure without breaking the bank. Quality product at a fair price. What a concept! "My goal during product development was to include makeup ingredients that met all my criteria: natural source, non-irritating, non comedogenic, soothing, long lasting,and beneficial to the skin. And if not beneficial, at least non-harming. For example Iron Oxide, which is a natural pigment, doesn't benefit your skin, but doesn't harm it either. Yet it produces the desired results, pigmentation of the product. Many hours, weeks and mo
nths were spent on research and experimentation. Women are loving the results. I am too!" -Lorraine A Pierce.


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