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These days it seems we are holding on to our purse strings for dear life as the economy remains the same, Gas prices are still up and down and bargain shopping is a way of life instead of just a choice. I know what it's like to have to live paycheck to paycheck and eliminate doing the "fun" things in life while the bills pile up and your scratching your head what to do. That's why as a "budget conscious" person I look for freebies, deals and above all anything to put a little extra in my pocket every month. That's why i signed up for SpringBoard America. What you do is sign up and get e-mail invitations to take surveys and other research activities. All your information is kept confidentially and they never pass it on to third parties, your privacy is very important.

Next is the great part!! once your profile is submitted you will start to receive invitations through e-mail to participate in surveys ranging from 5-10 minutes and most are $2 at a time so in a few short weeks, before you know it you'll be cashing out the $50 payout and starting all over again. This may not seem like much to you now, but for what it takes most of us to make a buck in a hour this takes a few minutes and you DO get paid. 
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