Diamond Candle Giveaway

Thrifty Today and CholyFlower have joined with several other wonderful bloggers to bring you a Diamond Candle Review and Giveaway! Review is courtesy of Thrifty Today. I've been a candle fanatic for some time. I love the idea of coming home, lighting a wonderfully scented candle and relaxing. I've been known to go completely crazy when ordering candles.

I first heard about Diamond Candles' Soy Candles towards the end of last year, and was very intrigued. I did a little research and discovered that Diamond Candles are made from soy and completely eco-friendly. Best of all, each candle comes with a hidden ring inside, valued at anywhere from $10, $100, $1000 or $5,000! All you have to do, is burn a fantastic smelling candle until your ring is uncovered. (you can see it in the pic above in the gold foil) They had me at “hidden ring”! :-)

I was thrilled a few weeks ago when Diamond Candle agreed to let me review one of their products. Their customer service was extremely helpful and I admit, it took me 20 minutes to select my candle scent. (Check out all the wonderful options they carry HERE) I was torn between Pecan Pie and Cupcake. I know, both of those sound amazing right? I finally settled on Cupcake. Diamond Candle advertised that it would smell just like cupcakes cooking in your oven and I was ready to find out. They also have Pumpkin Pie, Orchid Meadow, Cinnamon Roll, Lavender Lemon and many more scent options. My order arrived within a few days and as soon as I opened the box,I found a lovely glass jar with a cupcake on the outside and the most wonderful scent arose into the air. Yep, it smelled just like cupcakes. I was a little nervous, because neither my husband or I are big fans of candles that have an overpowering scent when lit. I shouldn't have worried, the scent is magnificent and very subtle. The first day, we burned it for several hours and I quickly became a huge fan of Diamond Candles. The wick was easy to light and stayed lit. The candle also burned evenly! It took two days of burning before the wax lowered to the level, where I could retrieve my specially wrapped 'surprise' ring! I was like a kid on Christmas morning (it was wrapped in a small plastic bag, wrapped in a foil bag)! I opened the foil wrapping and was pleasantly surprised to see a beautiful ring.I don't think it's one of the more pricey rings but I love it and it definitely has a higher quality than I was expecting. Unfortunately, its WAY too large for my fingers but my daughter quickly claimed it for her own, anyway. Both of us are very happy. :-) Here it is next to my wedding bands! I still have half the candle left to burn but I am ready to put in my order on the Pecan Pie and the Rosewood scents. Each candle comes in a 21oz glass jar, burns for 125-160 hours and you can reuse the jar afterwards. Diamond Candles are $24.95 each and shipping is $5 per candle. I love the whole idea behind Diamond Candles, I think the concept is fun and innovative. These would make excellent gifts for family or friends! Head over to the Diamond Candle website and take a look around HERE! You can also check out the Diamond Candle Facebook Page and the Diamond Candle Twitter page. I was so enamored with my candle that Diamond Candle gave me to review, that I am going to personally purchase (1) $24.95 Diamond Candle for one lucky fan! You get to choose the scent! Several other wonderful blogs have joined with me on this giveaway! Just follow the directions on the Rafflecopter to enter. Good Luck!! a Rafflecopter giveaway *Disclosure- Thrifty Today was provided a candle by Diamond Candle for the purpose of this review but the opinions are strictly my own. Candle for the Giveaway was purchased by Thrifty Today. Thrifty Today is responsible for providing this prize. -end html-

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