Katz Gluten Free~Free Samples and Free Shipping on orders $50 or more

Try the Katz's Gluten Free Products line and indulge in cakes, pies, breads, ruggalah, muffins and more! They may be Gluten Free but not on taste! Try a sample pack and come back for more! Orders $50 and over will receive FREE shipping.(flat rate under $50 is $7.99)


The Katz Gluten Free Sample Pack is full of assorted Gluten Free goodness! It includes: 1 Slice each of Whole Grain Bread, Sliced Challah Bread, White Bread and Wholesome Bread. Also included are 1 Dinner Roll, a sample Cookie and Rugelech, and 1 Sample Slice of Marble Cake.Please remember to keep frozen until you are ready to enjoy these delectable delights! Shipping Fee Apply. In order to be fair to all those who wish to sample the Katz unique taste, customers are only permitted to purchase 1 sample pack per calendar year.GET 25% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER HERE

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