Bzzagent Report DR.SCHOLL'S® FOR HER

So I am excited to be sharing with you my first ever BzzAgent review!! This particular campaign is for Dr. Scholl's for HER and I am so happy to have been able to be a part! First when I received these I didn't know they were going to be exclusively for heels! I, myself own tons but don't really get to wear them as a Mom and Volunteer at my daughter's school. I eventually decided to put them inside my new wedges that are pretty high and can be massively uncomfortable if you are in them a long time. I put them in the first day and placed them on and instantly I felt... light. I felt like I wasn't in shoes at all actually and I had to remind myself that I put these things in to make a proper review. First of all the gel inserts are shaped and molded to your heel and toes(Where you need it most) and as you melt your foot into them and walk you forget they are even in there. I wore these wedges out for errands one day so I could walk, do laundry and grocery shop. I did exactly that and these supported all that walking, lifting and shifting around!! I absolutely did not feel any discomfort at all, it was like I was in the most comfortable pair of sneakers I own. Secondly, I used one of my coupons to purchase another pair to use them in a pair of heels this time. Last night was the first time I slipped them into a 3 in pair of heels with an open toe. I wore them to a dinner and once again was completely comfortable and supported. The shoes I wore were about a half size too big and still this was not an issue!! I will say with no hesitation I would recommend these to anyone who, like me do not want to wear heels if they don't have to!! Here's what you need to do. Drag out the most gorgeous pair you own that you know are NOT comfortable. Slip a pair of these wonderful insoles in em and go on the town! I promise you, you will feel like Cinderella slipping on that glass slipper with a perfect fit! True, you may not get your prince at the end of the night, but you will be feeling good in those babies trying!! Right now I  just want to open up to all my female supporters I have some $4.00 coupons off of one pair of these Dr. Scholls for WOMEN inserts. If you would like to give them a try please inbox me on Facebook and one coupon will be yours. The first 3 to respond will receive one!

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