Almost 500 likes! but.. Bueller? Bueller?? Bueller??

Hello! I'd like to formally introduce myself, I am Cholyflower and Welcome to my Blog!!

       500 likes!! Wow, I have to say that when I started to do this(a cool 2 months) ago, I never imagined that there would be support, dedication and such hard work invested in a lil ole beauty blog talking about how to get a lipstick for practically free or sharing how I once spent almost 2 hours goin back and forth on 2 browsers trying to score some free flip flops and being excited when i actually got the chance to fill out the form and click "send", then 2 weeks later be excited to sit in front of a camera and talk about it so that someone else could feel the elation I felt just knowing that if you really want something for "free" it is possible!! I guess this is where Cholyflower really took off for me. I went from shopping for deals for myself and my family to looking out for sales and clearance deals for the masses!! I already had a Youtube account for other various videos(Karaoke performances, silly stuff, family stuff) and now I was creating one just for me. My own little piece of the beauty community amongst the masses. I joined with a partner(a male mind you) who with his creative artistry and some shopping sense...tee hee.. we put together this blog page, Twitter, Facebook and some other various social media networks. Now we currently are at almost 50 subscribers on Youtube(seems like sands in an hourglass some days to get them I have to say) but i have to say our biggest accomplishment so far?? almost 500 likes on our CholyFlower Facebook page and I am stoked, elated, excited!!! well.. I'm glad to have so many come and give us a shrapnel of time and i mean that. However, what I am NOT so thrilled with is the lack of communication.. I check in everyday and update, post, share and create giveaways to get everyone involved not just in "winning" something but to really get a sense of friendship as if you were talking to one of your girlfriends/boyfriends about your weekend and what shopping trip you had and what you scored. At least that's what I had hoped for. So what gives?? Where are you?? Bueller.. Bueller... Bueller!!  I am perplexed as to how we have all these people coming and noone has much to say?? share?? comment?? insult?? anything?? So here is why I decided to write this today and formally ask. "What gives"??? If there are any suggestions or anything you would like to see that will get you to comment or interact please let me know. Currently I came up with an idea to make my next giveaway and interactive one. Where YOU, are the one who decides what the goodies are. Not so hard to do, just give us some suggestions and maybe post a pic or two and then your done! No Rafflecopter.. no boring surveys... No "liking" 100 times a day. Just a simple comment talking about Summer and your favorite products! Well I hope that this breaks the ice for you and allows us to all get to open up to each other!!! In the meantime... Please say.... something!     XOXO                    

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