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Divatress Crochet Braid Hair

2017 was definitely the year of new trends in beauty, skincare and of course hair. From the most flattering, bold and amazing hues in hair color, to the natural wave, shag and of course the shiny and sleek looks. 

As we start a new year we are always looking to change up something in our everyday lives whether it'd be weight, eating better, sleeping better and of course trying new trends in makeup and beauty. One goal I have this year is to get bolder with my hairstyles and really play with different colors and textures. One style I have always loved and would like to see make a huge comeback are braiding.I feel braids are versatile, creative and fun and if you know how to do them. I feel the main reason that this style isn't as popular as it used to be or isn't utilized more on a daily basis is time, It takes time and meticulous patience to coordinate such a detailed style and that is one thing many of us do not have! 

But, if your anything like me (braid challenged) You'll probably need to try crochet braids
DIVATRESS is a leading e-commerce company committed to becoming the most loved and trusted wig retailer on the web by offering an enjoyable shopping experience, fast delivery, and exceptional customer service. They have a wide array of amazing wigs and hair care whether you wanna try a full or half wig, braid or ponytail plus hair care and beauty products. Crochet braids have made getting braid hairstyles easier than ever.  

If you're not a good braider (like me) or don't know anyone that is willing to put in that kind of time for you, then crochet braids are the way to go.

 Crochet braids has made getting braid hairstyles easier than ever. There’s an abundance of choices in crochet braid styles today, from wavy faux locks and goddess locks to water waves to all different kinds of box braids. Many of the crochet braids are pre-looped loop braids which makes it that much easier to install. If installed properly, no one would ever know you’re wearing crochet braids. 

These crochet braids are inexpensive, easy to install and you can go from drab to diva within seconds. You can find any style from Curlettes, Water waves, wavy Faux Locs to Free Tress (pictured below) Once you installed these correctly no one will ever tell the difference and now you are walking Diva Style!!


Free-Tress Braids

For more information on these and other amazing wigs, ponytails, hair care, and even beauty visit DIVATRESS. What are your favorite hairstyles? Which of these braids would you be bold enough to try?

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