Over a course of a year I can say that my skin has gone through a proverbial gymnastics due to environment, stress, various product switches and sampling every new makeup on the market really took it's toll. Toward the end of the year I was experiencing more dullness and uneven texture and YIKES!! the dreaded break-out reminding me that even at  46 we are still prone to those sneaky little bumps that can wreak havoc on a face.

Towards the end of 2016 I was sent some new products to try out from DERMA-E which included a Charcoal Mask and Purifying Detox Scrub. I had already sampled some products from this line previously which included the Purifying Detox Cleanser which very quickly became an instant favorite and the key to starting my new skin detox!

As you will see mentioned here in my JANUARY FAVORITES video this cleanser which contains activated charcoal Used in a cleanser or mask, activated charcoal can pull the unwanted excess oils from your skin, leaving it smooth. When I first tried this cleanser I was a bit put off by the scent of charcoal but that quickly dissipated. I liked the thinner consistency and it did manage to lather a little but not so much to where it would dry out my face. The biggest test was removing a full-days worth of makeup especially my waterproof mascara that I packed on my lids that day and it managed to remove all of it!! My skin was noticeably softer and healthier and I had fewer breakouts over the course of a month of using the product.

Shortly after I decided to incorporate the PURIFYING 2 IN 1 CHARCOAL MASK and the PURIFYING DAILY SCRUB into my regime. Two excellent products to try if your looking to renew your skin and rid it of impurities. Made from some really powerful minerals and natural toxin fighters these products go deep into the skin to really dig out all of that internal gunk that collects over time and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and purified as if I just had a spa treatment. These products are 100% cruelty-free, vegan, paraben and sulfate free as well as gluten-free and Mineral and lanolin free. Nothing to clog those pores or dry your skin since its also made with natural green tea and mineral-rich seaweed. I can get behind these ingredients as a person with mature skin that may react to more harsh ingredients as in other cleansers that are used for acne or problematic skin, This system is gentle yet effective and it's why i choose it above all lines  of skin care.

 Both of these products are of a pewter color when dispensed and then dry down to a lightish grey color as shown in my profile picture below. The scrub can be confused with the mask as I had learned the first time I used it leaving it on my skin for the same allotment of time that the mask is supposed to be used but alarmingly it did NOT dry out my face and rinsed clean and without any gritty residue!!

The mask after applied which felt cooling, did dry down rather rapidly and I experienced a slight tingling while it sat on my face. Most Clay based masks tend to flake after they settle but this one did not do that and as with the cleanser it rinsed cleaner than any mask i have ever tried, My face felt clean and very refreshed!!

All in all this line has me convinced that there is a skincare line out there that really cares about the skin and doesn't hide behind fancy ingredients or packaging. Their line is clean, green and affordable!! You can find Derma-E products at all Target stores and online on Derma E's website as well as Amazon. 

The products discussed in this blog post were products sent to me via Content Blvd by Derma-E for the purpose of review and all opinions expressed here were from my experience with the product over a course of 45 days. Links that are attached are affiliate links to where you can purchase these products if you so choose. 

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