Review: Sloane Inc reveals Lighter, Brighter, More Even Toned Skin

"Beauty comes from the inside"  Something we hear often when pertaining to the way we look and feel but nothing is more prominent on your face than aging and what it does to you over time.

In my time (45 years) I have had many skin issues that wore on me and it didn't take until I became a beauty enthusiast and  product reviewer to realize the variation of important ingredients that are suitable for my particular skin needs.

 In my early twenties I struggled with breakouts and freckles an  appearance of freckles is an indication of how much sun exposure you're getting, and it can be a warning sign that you need to protect your skin more. Uneven skin tone and discoloration  caused by sun damage, aging, hormones or acne are commonly treated for cosmetic reasons. With so many options available today in cosmetic procedures, lasers, peels, and other treatments, it can sometimes be difficult to know which to choose.

That is where all the experimenting with skin care came from and in particular.. serums.

Today I will be talking about two I have recently begun to use and it's effects thus far. *This information is based on a strict 7 day trial*

Sloane Inc White Plasma S6.5: This ultra-concentrated, quick-absorbing formula targets age, sun and dark spots with a dual-function approach: first, it immediately corrects discoloration and evens skin tone with vitamin C and tyrosinase inhibitors. Then it helps you retain your newfound radiance with skin illumination factors.   Oil free and containing Salicylic acid this clear serum quickly absorbs into the skin 
targeting sun and age spots. The active ingredient in this serum is called tranexamic acid used as a brightening agent to fight against hyperpigmentation.

Results: As I have mentioned I have only been using this serum for a period of 7 days but I have noticed some slight changes in my skin since trying the Sloane Inc White Plasma S 6.5. The amount is usually about one to 2 pumps applied day and night. This is a clear gel-like formula so it sinks into my skin nicely and without any stickiness. I currently have some visible fading of my freckles and sun damage on my forehead. My skin feels firmer and a bit brighter but not illuminating. Price point: $78 for 35.g 

Sloane Inc Complexion Corrector Clarity: This special serum is formulated to clear up blackheads, refine pores, reduce skin oiliness and acne and hydrate your skin from within. More of a tonic like substance than a serum, It combines hyaluronic acid with  salicylic acid to clear up acne & skin blemishes, healthy cell turnover, reducing pores and delivering anti-aging benefits over time. Price point: $78 for 35g.

Results: After a period of 7 days using the  Sloane Inc S 5.6 Complexion Corrector Clarity I have gotten used to the slightly offensive odor (reminds me of perm solution). The consistency is that of a toner than of a typical serum. It can be runny so do be aware of this when you apply. I used this one at night and on occasion where I saw blemish about to form and I can honestly say for the blemish control i found that it most certainly diminished the one forming on my right cheek. As far as line reduction I have noticed a slight change to the tiny ones between my 2 eyebrows but with continued use i will update the progress on that area. Overall I prefer this product as I can see faster results with blemish control and pore refining.

You can find these products on their website:The Sloane Shop Sloane clinics, For more information

*These products were provided to me by  Sloane Inc. for the purpose of review*

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